Easy Climber Vs Stiltz

USA Easy Climber China Stiltz Lifts
Where is your Home Elevator Manufactured? USA. Missouri Factory. Since 2009. China. Built a new Chinese factory in 2016.
Are Your Installers Trained/Certified At Your Actual Factory? Yes. At Our Factory in Missouri. Stiltz’ Factory is in China.
What is the Power Source to operate your elevator? (2) 12V Batteries. Only need 110 for charging. No. Electric Powered. Wait for power restored.
Does your elevator land flush with my floor? Need to dig a pit? Yes. Lands flush. All floors. No Pit needed. No. Must Step Up 4″- 6″. Or Dig a Pit to be flush.
What is the Quality/Warranty Protection on your elevator? 5 Years. USA Quality. Only 2 Years. China Quality.
Do you have Mandatory Annual Service Fees that I have to pay? No. Absolutely Zero. An Industry Exclusive. Yes. $1000 YR AVG. Forever. It adds Up. $$$
Do I need Extra Space in my room for the side track poles? No. Space Saving Tracks against the wall. Yes. 2 side Poles in room. 2-3 feet from your wall
Going through the floor, if elevator stops, can I open the door? Yes. Glide IN door. Industry Exclusive. No. Swing OUT door. Call 911 Fire Department.
Where are replacement parts made? USA – Missouri. Stored in Warehouse there. China.
What is your AVG 5 YR Cost in Electricity/Parts/Annual Fees? Approx $100 total. Over 5 years! Approx $5000 plus any parts replaced in years 3,4,5.
Child/Senior Safe – Fully Enclosed – Elevator Cabin? Yes. Full. Always. No Option. No. Standard is Half. Full enclosure is option.
Extra Headroom Required in home for the Motor On Top? No. Motor is inside lift. Yes. Motor mounted above lift
Overview of CRITICAL Info: Mfg/Power/Warranty/Annual Fees: USA. Batteries. 5 Years. $0 Annual. China. Electric. 2 Years. $1000 Avg Annual.
Cost to Purchase/Install Your Elevator and Cost of Annual Fees? As low as $25000. Installed! $0 Annual Fees. Lot of variables. AVG $1000 Annual Fees.
Are you reputable, nationwide, and in thousands of homes? Yes (Easy Climber Home Lifts A+ BBB Dealer) Yes. (BBB would be on Stiltz reseller in area)
USA Easy Climber China Stiltz Lifts
Manufactured In? Missouri – since 2009 China – since 2016
Company Installers? Yes – Factory 3rd Party Contractor
Annual Service Fee? No. $0 $1000 avg. Forever.
Annual Energy Bill? $25 avg $1000 avg. Forever.
Power Source? Batteries – 110 Elec – 220 – Dedicated
Warranty? 5 Years. Local service. 2 Years. Not sure on service.
Door Safety/Space? Glide In Swing Out
6″ Pit In Basement? No Pit. Yes. 6″ dug into floor
2 Track Poles In Room? No. Tracks On Wall. Yes. Poles Always In Room.
Replacement Parts? USA – Missouri Not sure. China?
Fully Enclosed Cabin? Always No. Half door. Full is extra.
5 Years Energy + Annual Fees? Approx $125. Approx $10000.